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What is M.I.C.O.Y.C?

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M.I.C.O.Y.C (or MICOYC) is a creative project owned and managed by Mitchi Bell since 2017. It started as a collection of YouTube channels, which used the name MICOYC as a parent brand to 'link' them all. The website was developed as a place to hold all sorts of social profiles, YouTube channel URLs, and other miscellaneous links that were otherwise collectively too large to fit in the description of YouTube videos. Since then, Mitchi delved into other forms of creative arts. This includes book writing, music production, and 3D printing. now serves as a personal portfolio and an easy way to access the arts produced. (Though not all of them are public projects)

Due to the history of what it was, M.I.C.O.Y.C used to stand for "Mitchi's International Chain Of YouTube Channels". But after expending the brand to involve more than YouTube videos, this line doesn't exactly work well. The current running line is "Mitchi's Independent Catalogue Of Youthful Creativity". (Referring to MICOYC being run by one individual with somewhat youthful dreams) This may change over time but it's the best option so far without changing the brand name.

What arts do you do?


The biggest channel is M.I.C.O.Y.C Music. I mostly produce a form of dance music called HandsUp, though I do delve into other genres every now and then. But just expect raves, alright?


A less structured channel. Used to be gaming-centric, but I think there are enough gamers on the internet right now. So I mostly build robotic platforms on this one. Large departure, I know!

*rare uploads, don't worry about me flooding your feed :P

Click for a playlist of M.I.C.O.Y.C's best content
(According to M.I.C.O.Y.C)

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