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I'm Mitchi. I live at number 19 down on Iverley.

I do UI design for DPD by day, and I build robotic creations in my spare time.

My robot hobby was heavily inspired by Robot Wars, the TV show. But mine don't fight. In fact, mine don't do very much at all. They're just fun to make. I hope to make them autonomous at some point, but that's very complex and for now they're just controlled by a radio transmitter by me.

It's become a tradition that I will deliver candy to trick-or-treaters using a radio-controlled robot on October 31st every year.

I try to stick to homemade robots but as of 2022, if I don't have a robot I deem safe to drive around children, I will use an alternative method such as the Traxxas Summit, a radio-controlled monster truck I got for my birthday. Read more about that in 2022's event.

For the kids, it's just fun to come across such things while out and about. And for me, it's an excellent way to innovate and find new ideas. I've had feedback from parents saying that their kids still mention it throughout the year. This really made me smile, thank you!

"Okay, but why the cameras?"

There are GoPro cameras mounted on each unit. I match the footage from the GoPros with the security camera footage from our house to form fun videos. I find this sort of thing is able to boost my confidence to create more for the next year. It also provides an interesting talking point for friends and family.

The videos are not posted publicly anywhere.

They are stored on YouTube as unlisted videos. This means there is no possibility of finding the videos unless you have a direct link to them.

(You can find direct links below, as this webpage is hidden from the public. This is just you and me)

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to request that you don't appear on this site, please send an email to and I'll get back to you ASAP. :)

"Can I post pictures of my kids with your creations?"

Yes, please do!

If you take any pictures of your kids posing with one of my robotic creations (or whatever else I put out there), please include the hashtag "#micoychalloween" or tweet me @mitchib1440 so I can smile along with you. See the socials page for more methods. I'd absolutely love to see them!

Click one of the lovely pictures below to see the resulting video for that night!

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