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Gone are the sound effects from 2020, but Snapper now carries the treats he once guarded.

The speaker and sound system were still installed, but I just didn't activate them on this night as it wasn't reliable.

It was interesting to see the same kids from the previous year again, now one year older of course.

The biggest change to Snapper was the installation of a 3rd camera on the top. This one being a GoPro MAX. It's a 360 camera I added to my GoPro arsenal the same year, and allowed me to reframe the video after it had been filmed. Useful for this as you never know where kids are going to appear from. They're similar to politicians in that sense.

Unfortunately, this new camera limited the space available on the machine for the treats themselves. I actually didn't intend on them being there, but my Mum apparently made that decision for me. It worked pretty well, too. I will be continuing the idea of having them on the machine, but I will implement it better. This year, the candy box fell off three times. This will be improved for next year.

Sadly, 2021 highlighted a variable I'm unable to remedy - good old British weather.

It started raining towards the end of the night. Snapper himself doesn't mind the rain, as his paint is made of waterproof tape. But I really don't expect kids to spend hours outdoors wearing frilly clothing while it's pouring it down. Let alone the parents.

Despite the rain, this was still a fantastic year, and I hope to have brought some smiles to some little faces!

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