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SurviveAlive was originally called "SurviveAlive333" back in 2013 when it was created. But I changed it later on to save confusion. SurviveAlive was a joint channel when it was created. My brother, Ross, and my friend, BlitzBomb97 were also included and uploaded their own videos. But they grew bored after a while. And eventually created channels of their own. So I decided to officially take the channel for myself and continue its gaming theme. I'm not a gamer, but to be honest, when me and my friend Sam record videos together, I need somewhere to put all this gameplay! Sam has a YouTube channel too. (Actually, he has 4 channels. But check in the "Friends" tab to see more of his story)
SurviveAlive is now used to post any gaming videos I happen to record. I seem to be doing a lot of trolling at the moment, but I just find trolling really fun! I actually use Sam's Minecraft server to film most of my trolls. Though I'm limited to what I can do on there.
The problem with trolling on Sam's server is that it's a Private UHC server. So trolling isn't really allowed. And the only people left to troll are the other staff members. Which isn't really great because they get used to it after a while.

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