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A somewhat brief Intro

My name is Mitchi. I'm a 17y/o music producer with autism living in the UK. Pretty standard geek, as much as I hate stereotyping. I like computers and enjoy almost anything technology related. My autism means I take things literally, and my brain works very differently to somebody not on the spectrum. My biggest passion is unclear as of yet, but I enjoy listening to music as well as producing it myself.


Quick-fire QnA

The basic facts. No 'beating around the bush'.

Name:    Mitchi


Age:     17 years


Height:    172cm / 68in / 5.6ft


Gender:    Girl


Sexuality:    Straight


Relationship status:    Single


Religion:   Irreligion        (None)


Autism:   Asperger's Syndrome


Siblings:     1 brother, 1 half-brother.


Location:    United Kingdom


Hobbies:    PC Building, learning programming languages, making videos & music, running websites, making apps.


Passionate:    To live a happy life, and reduce anxiety.       (Also to listen to music....because I love music)


Allergies:   Cats, dust, pollen.           (Yes,  I know! I live on the internet, and I can't play with cats!)


Favourite music genre:   Hands up


Current phone:   Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / SM-G935x          (See all my gear at


Likes:    Computers, music, cameras, nasal spray, privacy, peace & quiet, trains, physics, science, outer space, all of Google, all of GoPro.


Dislikes:    Memes, Snapchat, Facebook spam, show-offs / big headed people, confidence, praise, small children, sarcasm, most humans, mobile gaming, pretty much everything popular mainstream or generic, gross-out humour, the runs, stereotyping, being in hospital (No joke, it causes me an endless loop of passing out).


Strengths:     Insane memory, great sense of rhythm, logical thinker, good at knowing boundaries, strong sense of humour.


Weaknesses:     Understanding feelings of others, picking up on sarcasm, thinking way too literally, very weak stomach (bad gag reflex, weak immune system, very sensitive to anything NSFW).


Habits:     Leg bouncing, walking on the left & standing the right, worrying, overcomplicating things.


Disapproves:   "There are only two genders", "Yo mama" jokes, YouTube channels addicted to drama, adults trying to be 'edgy' or 'get down with the kids', people trying to explain things they have no education with.


Miscellaneous:   Picky eater, introvert.


Even the smell of popcorn triggers my gag reflex. (Very intensely as well)


I have a very irrational fear of any sort of destruction. It causes my hairs to stand on end and I get very on-edge.


I once survived whooping cough with no medical help while in Wales on holiday. We didn't even know I had it until we got back. It's a very painful and serious infection that essentially causes you to vomit up your insides, become unable to breathe, and even break ribs due to coughing so hard.


My current gender differs from my sex assigned at birth. Meaning I am in fact, transgender. My brain believes I was born into the wrong body. Some people accept this and choose to use pronouns that I'm more comfortable with, and others refuse to use such words due to it feeling unnatural. You can use whatever you prefer, as long as you aren't trying to be offensive or rude.


I name all of my bags. My main bag is a trolley called 'Molly', my quick-access bag is a bumbag called 'Betty', and my secondary bag is a backpack named 'Barry'. (Molly and Barry also transform into chairs)

'Fun' facts


My Life Story

There's not much; I'm 17!

Hi. I'm Mitchi. (Shortened from Mitchell Bell), and I like to make videos for I run 5 channels, each being different in what I upload. Check the "YouTube" page to learn about each one of them. This section is just about me though.

So I live in Britain in a house with 2 other people. My Mum, and my Brother. (He has a channel too, so check the "Friends" page to learn about his channel)



My Brother's name is Ross and he's a bit crazy. Okay, well, he's very crazy. He tends to annoy me most of the time, and sure enjoys it! Me and him get on quite well most of the time, though, and we record quite a few videos together, and often lend each other equipment to make higher quality videos. Depending on what the video requires.



I have lived with my Mum my whole life. No clue what happened to my Dad, but I'd rather not think about that. *Shudder*

My Aunt moved in with us, but she switches between different houses a lot. Which is fine because it's nice to have her around!

Ross had a brain haemorrhage when he was born and nearly died at that age! His second day of school and somebody tripped him over! I remember the staff running towards me and practically carrying me out of the door in a hurry to get Ross to hospital. We didn't really have any proper means of transport back then either so it was a challenge. Fortunately, we managed to get him to a hospital in time and he lives to tell the tale. (Y'know. Or I could tell you.....which I just did!)



It was then that we found Ross has a muscle condition called "Trismus Pseudocamptodactyly". But it basically means that his tendons are very tight, so he walks on his toes all the time. It hurts him to put his feet flat on the floor. Though he did recently have surgery to fix one of them. Fixing both would compromise him movement so we only did one. He's in a cast right now but is doing well otherwise.



Me and Ross are actually pretty different. He likes playing games on his Xbox, I like making videos on my computer. He likes DSLR's, I like GoPro's. He thinks differently about how he does things to me too. You may think it's a good thing to be different, but it usually means that he tries to pick a fight with me whenever I say something he doesn't agree with. Which can get annoying. He also doesn't like listening to my advice. So when I try to point out that there's a more efficient way of doing something, he doesn't want to hear it.


I spend most of my time watching videos on YouTube and stressing over things that really are no big deal. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome years ago. And it has really affected me. A lot of things that don't bother other people are the things that bother me. Like insects. Especially gnats. Anything touching me unexpectedly and I will get very upset. Which is also the same for banter. I can only take a small amount of it before I start taking it seriously. Which is a reason that I hate the new "memes" that are spreading around the internet like wildfire. I don't enjoy it, simply put.


Not only do I have Asperger Syndrome, I am also a vegetarian (meaning I do not eat meat), and I am also genderfluid/non-binary. (Meaning I don't like thinking of myself as a fixed gender) I also am not really a fan of praise. Which means that "good boy" is the worse sentence ever to me. (Also, before a bunch of you send it on Twitter, it's been done before, and is actually pretty offensive)


I'm a strong supporter of the LGBT Foundation. And fully support people being themselves, without being restrained by sex, sexuality, religion, race, or anything else you cannot change. I have never liked my natural sex. I hate the fact that I can't control that. Call it transgender, call it non-binary, whatever. But it's still an area of myself that I feel completely insecure about. I'll be updating my LGBT+ blog with how things are going. Hopefully, it will inspire you to be yourself and to not worry about how other people see you.


I am a very easy person to annoy. I'm definitely an introvert and don't do well in social environments.


I also take things very literally. (Part of having Asperger's Syndrome) Which is why I was so slow to realize the whole insult you hear almost every 5 seconds "kill yourself", was a joke. I was taking it seriously for quite some time! That could've gotten really bad if I didn't learn what comedy is nowadays!


Asperger's Syndrome is a high functioning form of autism that forces literal thinking, difficulty understanding facial expressions, emotional instabilities, and many panic attacks. It can be managed, but not cured. But I'm not 100% sure I'd want it gone. People who have Asperger's are usually quicker to think of solutions than non-Asperger's Syndrome people. And we tend to be very tech-savvy as well. (You probably wouldn't be on this site otherwise!)


I used to own a Minecraft server called the "Skriptor² Network". Unfortunately, I called the project off because we really weren't doing much with it. And frankly, it wasn't doing anything for me that will help me in the future. (Unlike this website) But the idea has been passed over several times and now lies with Square. (whom you can find more about in the credits page) I said I'd pass over the Discord server, and all the Minecraft server files as long as I can stay with the project. (Have like a "Founder" role on the discord, and maybe a special rank on the server, since I did kickstart the project in the first place) They agreed, and we passed over the ownership. Of course Square will overrule some things I originally thought were good ideas, (I'm quite sure he will let people change their nicknames on the Discord, which I hate) but differences are what make the world spin.

If you're interested in seeing the original page on this website for the Skriptor² Network, you can over at It's hidden from the menu, and from Google searches, but it's still there.



Anyway. That's pretty much me. Feel free to or shoot me an email at if you have any questions. (And if it's about Ross, I will ask him and get back to you) ^^

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