My Gender Story - Day 3: Definitions

Sometimes things get complicated with all the words that get thrown around. The main three being sex, sexuality, and gender. So in this entry I want to clear things up on what all these different terms mean.

I'd also like to point out that I'm not a professional and some things may be slightly inaccurate or even outdated. But I've done my research and I will try to explain as best I can to those with no prior knowledge.

Lets start with sex.

Sex defines one's assigned body and reproductive organs at birth. Basically if you were born with a penis or a vagina. This is possible to change with surgery, but is a big decision. Though this is not to be used as a way of addressing people. Just because someone has a vagina, it doesn't necessarily mean they identify as female. This of course works the other way round as well. Here are the main differences, though you should know enough about it enough.

Male - The most common chromosome combination, XY, will result in a child with a male sex. Males, of course, have a penis and genitals, with no breasts or any sort of natural containers for feeding the young. I suppose I would fall into this category.

Female - All fetuses start out as female. (Hence why men have seemingly pointless nipples. They appear before the sex is determined) Females have a vulva and breasts which produce milk to feed infants.

Intersex - People with any mixed sex factors. I.E: Someone who does not fully fit the male/female categories. I'd imagine this usually means people with slight mutations in their physical appearance. Though I've little experience with this, so don't quote me on that.

Now onto sexuality.

Sexuality is one's sexual preference. I'll quickly run through the different sexuality types so you know them.

Heterosexual - This means straight. You are attracted to the person of the opposite sex. This is the sexuality I identify as.

Homosexual - The word "Homo" means "same". So, of course this also defines terms like "gay" or "lesbian".

Bisexual - You've most likely heard the words "bidirectional" or "Bicycle" before. "Bi" always means "two". Bidirectional meaning "two ways", "Bicycle" referring to the number of wheels on the unit. The same goes here. This means that you are attracted to both males and females equally.

Pansexual/Omnisexual - Both "Pan" and "Omni" mean "all". So this means you are attracted to all gender identities. (Not just male and female)

Queer - Uncommon, but still identifies a lot of people. Queer means that you don't fit in with normal sexualities or genders. You carve your own path, so to speak.

Asexual - Quite common. If you are asexual, this basically means you have little to no interest in sexual attraction at all. You can still fall in love with someone, but you don't experience sexual attraction.

Thanks to's blog entry for helping with this research!

Finally ending with gender.

Gender simply defines a person's role in society. This is similar to sexuality in that you can change to whatever you feel is right for you without having to pay or go through lots of legal work to have it publically changed. A simple tweet or Facebook status is enough to announce what you are.

Male - Again, the most common chromosome combination, XY, will result in a child with a male sex.

Female - Females typically take the chromosome combination of XX.

Transgender - This is pretty popular among us Earthlings. Usually people associate transgenders with negativity. There are multiple types of transgender. MtF (Male to female), and FtM (Female to male). On the subject of acronyms, AFAB means Assigned Female At Birth, and AMAB means Assigned Male At Birth. If you want to read more about acronyms, you can check out this link.

Genderfluid - Defines one who regularly changes between male and female. This usually switches by the day.

Agender - Similar to asexual, this means you do not identify as a gender. You are simply human.

Non-binary - Similar to agender, non-binary defines someone neither male or female, but someone nicely in the middle.

A big list...

Honestly, there are too many different genders for me to list here. (I actually have a life outside of running this site, believe it or not) So I shall link you to a page of which lists all of them. You can visit that page by clicking here.