My Gender Story: Day 6 - Haters

More specifically, American Commentator (and massive bigot), Ben Shapiro. The bastard. Click here for a link to a video in which Ben purposely offends transgender reporter Zoey Tur. Ben refers to the lady as a 'sir'. Which he knew from the start would be very offensive to Zoey. Who, in turn, retaliated in a very natural way. Ben seemed shocked and just expected her to accept it. And it's not right. Unlike Ben, I support transgenderism. I'm open to all sides of the argument but still. I must say that people against transgenderism seem way more aggressive than the people for it. But the people against it are also the cause of the problem. It's their judgement and harsh comments that causes people suicidal thoughts.

You can usually tell by someone's face whether they approve of transgenderism. They'll either smile and support you all the way, or they'll cycle through some different facial expressions and seem to loose all emotion. Ignore them. They may try to knock some sense into you. It's stupid. They don't want you to be yourself. If they knew what it felt like to suffer with gender dysphoria, they'd be 100% onboard. Sounds obvious, but they're literally bullying because they can. Gender dysphoria is as serious as autism or depression but still, nobody gives it the awareness it deserves. And that becomes quite apparent when you see how many people think

we do it for attention. It's note fake, there's nothing wrong with us. The error in this system is the haters. As usual.Honestly I don't really have too much to say about them. I've gotten off quite lucky compared to other's I've seen. But as I stated before, people against it seem to be the most aggressive side of the argument. Which, while not really proving anything, is still confirmation that they aren't nice people to begin with. It's all fine having opinions on something, as long as you aren't telling other people that their subjective opinions are wrong. Didn't think I had to point that out. But some people were never taught what respect is. So there. Did you a favour.

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