My Gender Story - Day 8: General Gender Dysphoria After All?

I recently realised that it's not being classified as male that annoys me as much as I thought. It's actually just the thought of using my natural sex as a way of describing me personally that annoys me so much. And I know this because I don't really have a problem saying that I'm biologically male. Plus, I've been swinging back and forth for a long time. Initially, I thought it was just a standard case of being genderfluid. But even on the 'female days', I still abide by using male toilets, not attempting to raise the pitch of my voice, and even be bold enough to not wear a bra. (I know many biological females would kill for that ability)

In addition to this, I also stick to standard sexual orientations. I.E, I am still heterosexual and have never been gay or even interested in both. How love life will go for me, I'm not so sure. But I'll probably end up writing an entire blog dedicated to it as I know it can get confusing sometimes. Even without gender dysphoria making everything way more complicated. But some would argue that I'm a tricky person to like anyway.

This also explains why I've never been thoroughly upset by pronouns. I still prefer 'they', but using anything else doesn't induce serious rage like other terminologies can.

I still often switch genders in my mind, but I never expect anyone else to play along or act like I genuinely have. So if I want to be left alone, that's probably the reason.

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