My Gender Story - Day 2: Coming Out Aftermath

A few days ago, I publicly came out as transgender. I was considerably ill, so it's possible that I wasn't thinking straight. But it seems to have been taken well. At least by my close family and friends.

There are a few things I want to cover. Didn't put the details in previously because I didn't know how the initial post would be taken. These things are as follows:

The first thing being that a lot of people think "transgender" means someone who was born as a different sex than they are currently. (I.E, after having surgery to correct the gender) This is not true. Click here for a Wikipedia link to learn more about it. (Life tip for Wikipedia, replace the "en" in the URL with "simple" to get a more basic explanation. This will help you later on in life; you're welcome)

The second thing being that I've held back from being myself due to the fear of public judgement. I actually quite like things like beauty products. (Not a lot, but enough to cover up horrible spots and imperfections) I like to use health and beauty products. Spot removal gel, Vaseline, etc. But I never went overboard with it from the fear of being judged.

Hopefully that clears up a few things. Feel free to comment on this blog post down below. I think you can log in with Facebook if you want to.

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