M.I.C.O.Y.C Printing

Custom printing for Dudley, Birmingham
The pin you see on the map is just the centre of Dudley.

What's the process?

  1. Reach out! The email is micoycbusiness@gmail.com, let me know what you'd like and I'll let you know if I can do that for you.

    1. If you have any experience modelling with Cinema4D, Autodesk Inventor, Fusion360, Blender, Tinkercad, or any other CAD environment, feel free to design something yourself and send me the '.stl' file! (Or you could post it to Thingiverse and I'll work from there!)

    2. If you found a link to something online that you like, you can send me the link. This is much easier to do and won't cost much at all.

    3. If you want me to model something for you, please do your best to create a drawing or diagram. Remember to include dimensions in this drawing. Please label as much as you can. I can give it a go, but I cannot guarantee completion at all.

  2. Be ready to speak to me. I may need to confirm things with you. (If I encounter any issues, I'll contact you and work out what you'd like me to do.

  3. Leave me to work. I will send you updates on the progress.


That's pretty much it. Everything else will be sorted by me. If you are confused about anything, send an email!

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You must be in the above area to use this service. We do not ship worldwide.

Why choose us?

  1. You'll be helping out a college student!

  2. We print much slower than many other print shops, ensuring quality.

  3. Our printer is controlled by an OctoPi server. Which enables our customers to view their prints and get live data.

  4. We only charge fair prices.

What do you charge?

  1. Approximate filament cost (As decided by slicer)

  2. Time & labour

  3. Model complexity

  4. Models on our catalogue

What don't you charge?

  1. Printer faults

  2. Incorrect slicer settings

  3. Filament issues

  4. Failures on our end

  5. Non-commercial models, or any objects we have no right to sell