Well, actually it's stylized as just "MICOYC". Apparently I can't put 5 full-stops in a YouTube channel name. But you get the idea.

I used to split my channels into 6 separate ones. But in 2019 I realised I want people to follow the brand, not what I do. If you want to see the channels that are now inactive, check below. Everything now goes on this one, as it keeps things simple. Chances are, people subscribe because they like me as a person rather than what I do. If you want techno music, there are many channels for that. Far better than mine. If you want DIY or 3D printing, there are many channels that do it much better than me.

One channel makes it much easier for me to keep up consistent uploads, while being able to keep track of comments, ratings, polls, and overall connect with viewers. It also will make things easier for me to get my monetisation back when I hit 1,000 subscribers and the correct amount of watch time.

The following channels are inactive/depreciated

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