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Well, actually it's stylized as "M·I·C·O·Y·C" because apparently, I can't put 5 full-stops in a YouTube channel name, so I had to use the weird Unicode dots as a substitute. But you get the idea.

I guess you can call this my 'main' channel. On the 4th of every month, I produce a variety of music, though mostly "HandsUp" which is a very niche genre. I often refer to it as "hardcore techno." Basically, it's rave music. I love rave music more than you could ever know. (I'm actually listening to some while typing this!... I'm even dancing a little!)

If you're curious, I do have an absolute butt-tonne of facts related to this on the 'Mitchi' page. Just locate the 'Very Fast Entertainment' section. All of my favourite artists/films/animes are over there. Along with fun facts about me. Basically the most egotistical page on this whole bloody website.

But that's beside the point.

Yeah, music and stuff.


This one's the first channel I ever had. Was a gaming channel from 2013 up until 2020, where I rebranded it as an extras channel. I livestream 3D-prints, I make stuff (mostly robots), I play games, and various other stuff goes on here. I realised many people subscribed to that other channel for the music, and was flooded with dislikes if I tried to post anything else, lol. So this is for the things I like to make when I'm not doing music. So this one has no schedule. I just upload when I have something worth sharing.

If you can't already tell, I'm unsure of the future of this one. But I'm playing with ideas to see what I like the most. :)


I didn't even mean to start uploading on here. It was more of an accident. This is the channel I'm always logged into. You'll notice I have over 300 playlists on here. That's because I organise pretty much EVERY YouTube video I watch into categories. From "What a moron" to "Best of YouTube". (You can see them all here)

It just got a bit confusing having playlists for the stuff I create, to make it easier for the viewers to see the content they want, mixed in with playlists which make it easier for me to navigate to YouTube videos I like. So I made this for personal use. Don't expect a theme with the videos I upload, there isn't one!

The following channels are inactive/depreciated


(The old one)

The MORE channel listed at the top used to be called "MAKES", before I decided to stop separating things too much. Further proof that I overcomplicate everything.

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