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Alright, so, I mentioned on the SurviveAlive page that Ross and Blitz went off to make their own channels, well I did too! OceanStream is the product of that, and it is used to post music made by me. It is also the biggest channel now nearing 400 subscribers. Created in 2014, OceanStream is doing very well, and I feel like my music is getting better from when I started. I should hope so too! (Seriously. Don't go and see my old songs. They are rubbish!)
OceanStream was my channel for everything, but now, with the way YouTube works, if you post multiple categories on one channel, people will get bored and stop watching your videos. Which is a bad thing. (Duh!)
OceanStream used to run many series such as Vlogs, Timelapses, Stop Frame Animation, Slow Motion, Randomness, Lyrics, Sins, and more series that I simply can't remember. Many of these series have moved over to AntiTheme, but I'll get to that later.
It's also worth mentioning that OS is my main channel. All my family videos get stored privately up there too, and it's the account that I'm logged into most of the time. So if I leave comments or anything, it'll be done with OceanStream! I also have a playlist on there called "Mitch's Approved Music Marathon". Which is where I add music on YouTube that I approve of. It's a public playlist, as you can get an idea of who I am just by the type of music that I listen to. It also helps other people find music that they might like. Saves you having to find it because I've done it for you! The playlist totals over 100 hours of music! That's enough to get me through college!
A few series exist on OceanStream. "Custom Songs" (my own music), "Remixes" (my own takes on existing songs), and "Parodies" (putting my own words to songs that exist)!



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