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M.I.C.O.Y.C's music is totally free to download!

There are 3 main ways to listen to my music. Below are those ways listed in order of convenience

Google Drive (Free!)


All of my music is actually free to download on my Google Drive.

Click the Google Drive logo to be taken to the download folder. You can then choose what you want to download from there!

These downloads also include instrumental, acapella, and alternative versions. I like to encourage remixes, covers, and other creative talent by you lot. Please send me anything you create over on Twitter!

You can download the audio files from here, and upload them to your personal library on whatever platform you use for music. (Most platforms allow you to upload custom MP3/WAV files to your personal music library, so Google how to do so for the service you use!

I do ask that you don't publically re-upload my music elsewhere without blatantly crediting me first (like uploading the free downloads to YouTube or any similar platform where it's visible to the public) I like to see feedback on my tracks, and it's difficult to do this when it's been distributed by hundreds of you!


YouTube (Kinda-Free!)


Ahh, the place where it all started. I began uploading music to YouTube in 2014! Been uploading ever since!

YouTube is the only place where I can really get any sort of reward for the work I put into music, but I won't get that until I reach the requirements. So if you see any adverts before my songs, it's all going to YouTube, and I have no say in them. (I've used YouTube Premium since it was released, so ads have probably gotten much worse since I last saw one!)

YouTube is where I present my songs, so only specific things are uploaded. I suggest downloading from Google Drive for the best experience!

Content ID

The main problem with YouTube is the Content ID system. You may have heard about the copyright abuse, in which, greedy corporations (like UMG, SME, and other media companies) strike videos which they think is theirs.

The problem with this is that I primarily produce a genre called HandsUp. It's a form of rave music popular in clubs for its danceability. However, most HandsUp music is simply remixes of existing songs.... Existing songs which are 'owned' by those record labels and other music distributors.

In short, this means that if I upload a remix of a song where I use the song's vocals but I make everything else, the artist's distributor will claim my video, essentially saying that I don't own it anymore. 


The video remains watchable on YouTube, but I no longer have rights over it. It now belongs to these big fat companies who I quite frankly detest with a great passion, so I refuse to let them claim my work as their own.

Bottom line - I can't upload a video unless I have made 100% of it. If I reuse anyone else's work even for less than a second, the video is suddenly not mine. And I don't stand for that.

So I have to record my own vocals for songs, even if those vocals are publically available. (And good luck messaging snooty artists requesting permission to remix their track. As if they care about us smaller producers)

It's a moral dilemma. And I hate it.

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