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Let's be honest here...

I'm not a social butterfly.

Many of my social media accounts no longer exist as I'd rather not stretch myself out too much.
But here are 3 that I use. In order of how much I like them for general socialising.

Yes, I'm aware that YouTube isn't exactly a social media platform as much as it is an entertainment platform. But the YouTube link on this page takes you to my personal account, where I'm not regularly posting consistent videos. This is just for me to post things that only my friends and family would likely care about. :)

  • discord logo
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Discord. What socialising should be like.

I'm one of the weirdos who pays for Discord Nitro because I like the platform so much.

Click Clyde's beautiful face next to this text to be taken to my profile.

Say hi, and tell me the website brought you here! (Click here for the server)

YouTube. The platform that everyone loves to hate.

I actually really like YouTube. It's certainly flawed, but it's also offering a lot that other platforms either don't or simply can't. This is my personal channel where I post completely random videos with no rhyme or reason. Just for funsies!

Twitter. For when I want my ego to be patted.

Twitter sure is a controversial one now, isn't it. The founder was a bit of a nob, and let's face it - the community don't do it any favours. But to me, it is the most straight-forward social platform out there. And if you wanna know what's happening, drop me a follow!

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