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Grey is business related, black is personal.


"Activity" refers to how active the account is. (100% would be, on average, one post per day)

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My personal YouTube channel. I don't post public videos on here, I just comment, like, favourite, add to playlists, and share videos around.


Activity: 184%


Not necessarily a social media, but just a place where my music is up for sale.

All music is sorted into albums based on release date. It's also uploaded to YouTube but at a reduced quality. (Also more visuals. Way more)

Activity: 17%


Personally I don't like SoundCloud. The upload limit screws me over too much so I'm only really here to support friends. I stopped promising songs here a while ago, but if I can be bothered to upload, I will. (SoundCloud's limits are rubbish, so I have several accounts and simply repost official uploads on my personal account. #Exploits

Activity: 1%


This is a page for me to post updates to the people of Facebook. I only accept requests from people that I know well on my personal account. So if you find me, you can add me if you want but I won't accept.

Activity: 45%


This is my personal Twitter. So less business and more random Tweets that are more amusing and not trying to get you to buy my music. :P All of my daily thoughts and experiences go here and it's the best way to chat to me.


Activity: 238%


This Twitter account is linked to all YouTube Channels that are part of M.I.C.O.Y.C. So whenever a video goes up, it gets posted here. This is also used to tease new releases.


Activity: 76%


I'm new to Reddit as well, but I very much love spending time here. I just comment on things and make posts in different groups.


Activity: 32%

Didn't you have more accounts?

I did have a Snapchat, 2 Instagrams, a GitHub, DeviantArt Tumblr, and a few others. But I've quit those as either I wasn't active enough, or (in the case of Instagram and Snapchat), I just strongly dislike the platforms. Therefore I'm not advertising any official accounts.

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