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AwkwardEncounters (formally VlogsTimesTwo) was an idea by Ross and has been going on as a weekly vlog channel between myself and him. I currently am the one who runs it, but Ross is more entertaining than I am. So he usually does all the stuff on camera, and I do the filming and editing and uploading, e.t.c.
The channel has no series. Apart from the actual weekly vlog, there isn't anything else happening on there. It's all pretty random. But do have a great time filming our videos. Family videos go on OceanStream as private videos, but the vlogs that are actually 
for YouTube all go on AwkwardEncounters. Ross tends to get crazy ideas for videos, and usually, if we work together on a video, it too goes on VlogsTimesTwo. It's also pretty silly over there. The amount of videos that we put there that weren't even going to be videos is quite surprising. So hey! If that sounds like your thing then check that out I guess!

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