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Sam, who I talked about earlier, sent me a message on Skype suggesting we should start a podcast together. I thought this was a terrific idea. And while our first episodes aren't great, they kickstarted our podcast into what we know today as "MagnaCast". Which is doing well and is something we enjoy doing. Ross recently became an official host on the show as well, as he tended to fill in for one of us if we weren't available to stream. So we invited Ross on as a full-time host and Season 4 of MagnaCast is going well. We talk about what we want, any news going around, we give our thoughts on, and we generally have a good chat with each other and the viewers of course!
MagnaCast is streamed live every Saturday at 2 pm We have 10 episodes per season, and then we wait a few weeks before the next season starts. So we get a break in the middle, which gives us time to come up with improvements. The only series on MagnaCast other than the show itself is the "Rambling" series. Where we talk about whatever we want. Not
GMT+1 on, and we have a great time streaming live to the internet. Really enjoying it! It has evolved quite a bit from season 1, and it just gets better with every new season.livestreams, just pre-recorded, edited down videos of one of us talking about anything we want. Hence the name.

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