Magix Movie Studio 14 Platinum: Why I believe it's the best budget editing software.

Hey! Thanks Mitch for giving me admin on here, much appreciated! Let's get on with a small review on my personal editing software, Magix Movie Studio 14 platinum.


  • Relatively cheap.

  • Comes with a good few effects and the New Blue FX Transitions.

  • Has a maximum of 200 tracks.

  • Very advanced for the price.

  • Great for YouTube video making.

  • Okay for advanced movie making.

  • Has hotkeys.

  • A very professional software.

  • You can restore projects if it crashed.

  • Cheaper to upgrade to Movie Studio Suite when you buy platinum.


  • Could be considered relatively pricey for some.

  • Lacks motion blur (unlike Vegas Pro).

  • Lacks some blending modes.

  • Can't customize the look of the GUI.

  • Crashes regularly on bad PCs.

Hope you liked my review! Can't wait to post here more. :)

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