The story of how I fucked up and threw away £45.


I take courses in an autism friendly media course. And recently they put me on work experience at a delivery company. Where I practice JavaScript and html. And since I have been doing well, I was spontaneously given some gift cards to spend on whatever I wanted. In my excitement, I went to the store's webpage, logged in, and searched for where I input the code.

After chucking in all 3 codes, I figured I'd wait it out until I get home. Then go spend it up. So, in tidying my area, I threw away all the paper etc.

Almost home time, logged onto the store app, and realised there was no account balance.

"Shit. I clearly fucked something up here" I thought to myself.

Naturally, I searched Google for what I had done. (And if it was just me)

I then found out that what I had done was CHECKED the cards, not actually used them.

Rushing over to the bin, I opened the torch on my phone.

"Wait!" I thought to myself. "This is my first week. How will this affect my reputation? GAH, fuck it. I'm getting 45 quid. I'll go bin-fishing for 45 quid"

Okay. I pushed them to the back so that nobody would see that I put some cardboard in the general waste bin (hey, I'm 17. I have not been educated about those specific scenarios). But after digging for a while, I came to the conclusion that the bins had been emptied. Fucking emptied. Why? I don't fucking know. They shouldn't have been.

So now I'd been searching through a bin for something that I couldn't find. So I figured I'd just pretend to answer emails on my phone, while I'm actually looking past my phone, to double check that I've not just missed it. I hadn't. I even flashed my torch a few times to be sure.

I sadly returned to my desk, unable to control my emotions. I put on a brave face and told my coworker that I'd fucked up, Mitch style.

I also had to go at this point. My taxi was waiting for me. So I went outside and spoke to my friend via text about what I'd done. She replied "*Roblox death sound*". I have no idea what that sounds like. I refused to click any Roblox links in case YouTube thinks I like that shit, and then floods my recommendations with Roblox. So I just reply "I agree" and move on.

My coworker lets our boss know what happened. Luckily, she knows that I suffer from depression, and am likely to self harm due to my stupidity. So she said not to worry, we'll just get more since it's a big company, and 45 quid isn't much. This made me feel better about myself, but I still hate myself because of it.

Next Monday is gonna be fucking incredible. "Hi! Sorry for being inept! Ok I'll get to work now I'm sorry!!!"

Fuck my life, fuck my stupidity, fuck luck, and fuck that webpage. (Why the fuck would you need to validate a card without using it?)

Summary: I didn't redeem my gift cards properly.

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